Open Letter to Mrs. Vera Cristina Clemente

Open Letter to Mrs. Vera Cristina Clemente

Hello Mrs. Vera Cristina Clemente,

On behalf of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame, I want to extend my greatest appreciation to you and your family for taking part in our mission.  Our mission not only to bring awareness to the Hispanic influence in baseball but our mission to bring awareness to the Hispanic influence beyond the diamond.  Your husband, Roberto Clemente, left his mark on the world as one of the greatest baseball players to ever live.  For those of us who have studied the game, we are well aware of the impact Roberto had outside of the sport of baseball as well.  His integrity and humanitarian approach helped shape the character of many who have come after him to find purpose in giving back, especially to those in need.  Not only did he help change the game of baseball but he gave the Hispanic people someone to look up to with his selfless acts and love for mankind.

Mrs. Vera Cristina Clemente, it was my pleasure to get an opportunity to connect with you and share some of my thoughts and desires for my future with the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Hall of Fame.  Your warm welcoming hugs reminded me of my mothers kind touch who was also born and raised in the island de el boriken.  I instantly gravitated towards your smile and kind words of encouragement.  The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame briefed me on the type of person you are but their description could not have captured your beautiful being as a whole.  I was humbled to be at your presence as you delivered your speech about Bernie Williams, and the impact he has had on the game.  As I looked around the crowded room, it was obvious that the audience in attendance also benefited greatly from listening to your kind words and were able to take home a lasting memory.

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum would love to work with you and your family in bringing awareness to the Clemente name in and outside of Baseball.  The world needs to know how many hearts your family has touched, and how many lives your family has changed.  Inspiration can only be measured by our actions, and your actions continue to show the world the type of inspiration you and your husband Roberto had on this world.

Thank you for your time, and for sharing your loving energy with me for those brief minutes that changed my life.  I look forward to connecting and building with you again, and the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum of Hall of Fame is grateful for your support and presence in our corner.


James Hernandez


Posted on: August 14, 2017HispanicHeritageBasebalMuseum

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