The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing those for their achievements and commitment in the game of baseball and to the community.  

The Award of Merit

This award is given for significant contributions to the game of baseball during your professional baseball career in the United States and Latin America.

The Jose Uribe Sportsmanship Award

Created in 2009, this award is given annually to honor the memory and sportsmanship of the late San Francisco Giants shortstop Jose Uribe at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

The recipient of this award has to set an example though outstanding contributions to the game of baseball, for their on going commitment to the Giants Hispanic community and for servicing as a role model for Hispanic youth and for exemplifying the character and the spirit of Jose Uribe.

The Meritorious Community Service Award

This award is presented for meritorious and distinguished service to the local area in the Hispanic community.

The Olympian Recognition Award

This award recognizes the achievement of amateur baseball and softball players who have excelled in the Olympics.

The Pioneer Award

This award is presented to those individuals who have pioneered in the game of baseball.