Month: May 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Strategic Direction Defined for the Organization

Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum
Hall of Fame
May / 18 / 2018
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Friday, May 18, 2018
Contact:         Gabriel “Tito” Avila, President of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum – 415-305-1450
Strategic Direction Defined for the Organization
20th Anniversary Year of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum – Hall of Fame
Historic Logo
A Return to Grass-Roots Volunteers
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (May/18/2018) – After undertaking a self-study and strategic conversations led by recently appointed CEO Luis R. Cancel and involving HHBM-HoF Board Members, the organization has decided to remain an all-volunteer effort. 
“Thanks to the comprehensive conversations and questions raised by Mr. Cancel, we came to realize that the future of our Hall of Fame would be best sustained by remaining a volunteer group that is fueled by our love of baseball.” said the Founder & President “Tito” Avila, Jr. “We thank Mr. Cancel for helping to bring clarity to our direction.” he said.
As the newest member of the group and one that brought an outside perspective, it became clear during our conversations that HHBM-HoF should adhere to its roots; retain its symbols and logo and not undertake the various changes required by large-scale fundraising.” said Mr. Cancel who added, “We all agreed that it would be best for me to continue as a consultant with the organization and relinquish the role of CEO, which was overkill for their purposes.”
Over the years the HHBM has distinguished itself by inducting 65 stellar baseball players and other baseball professionals into the Hall of Fame. The Museum has also drawn attention to the sport and to its Hispanic ball players with a wide range of programs that include:
•   Baseball clinics for youth.
•   Exhibitions highlighting Hispanic players that spans the entire history of baseball.
• Numerous award ceremonies that have recognized ball players and other professionals associated with the sport.
•  Public events and celebrations that have included 21 of the 30 teams in MLB as partners.
The Museum and Hall of Fame has benefited from an enthusiastic cadre of fans who love the sport, follow their teams avidly and are willing to discuss their views with a wide circle of baseball fans via the Internet.
Their voices are empowered via the HHBM website where they have attracted several active bloggers from various parts of the nation. Some of the contributors also upload Podcasts and audio interviews with active or retired Latino ballplayers.
“There are a number of special events HHBM-HoF will undertake in 2018 to mark its 20th Anniversary and a full calendar of events will be released shortly.” Mr. Cancel added.
Mr. Cancel added, “I look forward to continue to help HHBM-HoF as a Consulting Volunteer and help all baseball fans to recognize the contributions of Latino ballplayers.”